NSDI'21 accepted papers are out

I have looked at the NSDI’21 program recently. There is a bunch of lovely papers that I’m going to read. I have selected a couple of papers that I really love to read from this year’s NSDI.

These papers are kind of most relevant to my research!

  • BMC: Accelerating Memcached using Safe In-kernel Caching and Pre-stack Processing
  • When Cloud Storage Meets RDMA
  • Programming Network Stack for Middleboxes with Rubik
  • Ship Compute or Ship Data? Why Not Both?

I have also created a second priority list of papers that I will add to my wishlist.

  • Scaling Distributed Machine Learning with In-Network Aggregation
  • MilliSort and MilliQuery: Large-Scale Data-Intensive Computing in Milliseconds
  • Breaking the Transience-Equilibrium Nexus: A New Approach to Datacenter Packet Transport
  • Twenty Years After: Hierarchical Core-Stateless Fair Queueing
Written on February 5, 2021