It's me

Alireza Sanaee

I'm interested in operating systems and have been doing some systems stuff for a while. OK what you are doing then?
Datacenter I/O intensive application idiosyncrasies introduce new challenges. I spend some time to address long tail latency problem due to oblivious scheduling of executable units(Processes/VCPUs) to I/O intrinsic characteristics.

What now?

I would like to look through some lower level systems research. Hardware specialization is already a dominant approach, and now we can see the specialized devices like graph processing accelerators, programmable NICs and switches at the data centers! - 05/03/2019

Latest News

- Happy to announce that our paper Yawn: A CPU Idle-state Governor for Datacenter Applications was accepted to APSys'19 - 06/15/2019
- Excited to join the National University of Singapore to work on Virtual Memory for Data Center Applications - 05/10/2018