I’m a graduate student at QMUL EECS, advised by Gianni Antichi . I’m also working with Brent Stephens at Utah/Google. My interests center around computer systems at data centers. Before starting PhD, I was a research assistant at NUS advised by Djordje Jevdjic, working on memory management for data center applications. I also spent 3 months studying the feasibility of using virtualization to increase the availability of electrical grid controllers advised by Jean-Yves Le Boudec at EPFL.

I did my undergraduate and master’s at IUST in Iran, working with Mohsen Sharifi.

Selected Publications

Backdraft: a Lossless Virtual Switch that Prevents the Slow Receiver Problem
Alireza Sanaee, Farbod Shahinfar, Gianni Antichi, Brent Stephens
USENIX NSDI 22, Paper, Talk, Code

Morpheus: Domain Specific Run Time Optimization for Software Data Planes
Sebastiano Miano, Alireza Sanaee, Gabor Retravi, Gianni Antichi
ACM ASPLOS 22, Paper, Talk, Code

Other Publications

Reconciling High Accuracy, Cost-Efficiency, and Low Latency of Inference Serving
M. Salmani, et al.
MLSys workshop @EuroSys23 Paper, Talk


Distributed systems - Spring’22 (TA)
Distributed systems - Spring’21 (TA)
Big data analytics - Fall’20 (TA)


SOSP’19, AEC Member (Artifact Evaluation Committee)


What am I currently working on?

Looking for problems!

Some thoughts

Hosts can get congested too, here for more
TCP seems to be hampering the innovation.
The process of conducting research is slow.